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In China, at least 50% Automobile manufacturies have built their cooperation with China. Lots of professional Automobile companies have shows their interests and set up branches in China. As the general trending of the electrification, intelligence, and networking of automobiles withing the historical opportunity for the Chinese automobile industry to change the supply chain form of the automobile industry. As the industrial chain and supply chain bring a broader and richer development space, its also brings new development opportunities to Chinese and overseas auto companies. Chinese auto companies will seize the opportunity to promote the value chain of the auto industry to move towards to reach mid-to-high end to help China's local auto brands to develop better. 

For years, China has created a miracle and has become the world's largest industrial manufacturing country. Auto Inno Tech Week 2023 (2023 Shenzhen International Automotive Innovation Technology Week) will continue to take the "manufacturing power" as its mission, leading China and overseas auto companies (including innovative technology products, core components, automotive manufacturing technology equipment, software and hardware suppliers, Future mobility and new energy automobile technology, etc.) and well-known experts, scholars and government departments to break down industry barriers to promote the cross integration of multiple fields of the automobile industry chain、 automobile industry、software industry、materials industry、new energy industry and other related industries. Exchange, cooperation and integration of innovation, promote collaborative innovation between OEMs and Auto parts companies to build a safe and controllable industrial chain system to shape and build more future innovation of China!

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